Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eugene Craig — "I’m a black conservative and how conservatives reacted to McKinney, Texas enraged me"

Eugene Craig III is a senior studying history at Bowie State University. He is the President of the Young Americans For Liberty Chapter at Bowie State University, a grassroots activist in Maryland and the Executive Director of the Bulldog Collegian 


By now, anyone with access to internet or television has likely seen the video from McKinney, Texas, where a police officer threw a 14-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground. The girl posed no threat. This didn’t seem to matter to some conservative outlets reporting on the incident. There is an unspoken rule among many conservatives when these controversies arise we must always downplay race, yet at the same time quickly find a way to make the black victim the perpetrator and the police officer the victim. 

Sometimes, once all the facts are learned, black people really are the perpetrators and police are the victims. But not always. It breaks my heart, as a young, black conservative, to see the rightwing blogosphere’s first impulse when these incidents occur is to tear down the black people who appear to be victims of bad policing. A few observations about the McKinney story.