Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bryant Jackson-Green — In Chicago, a Public University Moves to Seize Private Property

Bryant Jackson-Green, a libertarian legal researcher and policy analyst with the Liberty Justice Center and writer at The Blaze ask the question: How public universities can seize your property - and you can't do anything to stop them?

(The Blaze)

Should a public university be allowed to seize private property from people who don’t want to sell?

That’s what Northeastern Illinois University is trying to do.
The school is located in a north side Chicago neighborhood with an eclectic offering of restaurants and mom-and-pop stores. Many of the small businesses in the area have been in the owners’ families for generations – but that’s not what university officials want on their campus. The university is suing to bulldoze those private businesses and turn over the property to a private developer instead.

The university’s actions have sparked outrage. Despite this, school officials are moving ahead, justifying their actions by stating student dorms and a different mix of businesses in a retail center are a better fit for the university’s expansion plan.

How can the university do this?

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