Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sylvia Thompson ― Racial pandering is detrimental to justice and conservatism


Now that phone cameras proliferate the American landscape, it seems more and more difficult for justice to prevail as blindly as she has in the past. And too often the punditry do not help the cause of justice in the ways that they report or fail to report facts. I expect leftist commentators to jump to conclusions without sufficient facts in legal matters, but it becomes extremely annoying when that same behavior comes from professed conservatives. The conservative Sean Hannity is a good example of this disturbing phenomenon.

In one of Hannity's shows that addressed the recent shooting of a fleeing, unarmed black man, Walter Scott, by police officer Michael Slager in North Carolina, Hannity hosted two black commentators to discuss the incident. They were Jesse Peterson, a conservative black columnist and Leo Terrell, a leftist black lawyer. What Hannity hoped to accomplish by pairing Leo Terrell, a perennial rabble rouser in all issues of race, and Jesse Peterson, a strong black conservative, is difficult to determine except for possibly wanting to provide a show. What viewers got was a day-nursery performance, where Peterson was the only adult on the stage. Terrell eventually marched out of the studio in a huff, which I cheered. He is an unbearable, bullying character like so many leftists. His vacating the scene gave Jesse Peterson more time to make his case without interruption.

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