Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Karen Ellis ― “One:” Growing Anti-Christian Hostility, and the Case for Action

A human rights activist and a writer, Karen Ellis holds a Master of Art in Religion (Theological) from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a Master of Fine Art from the Yale . She is currently working on her PhD, exploring international religious rights, theology, and sociology.

Numbers tend to draw media attention. The media however rarely discuss the numerous Christian populations who suffer systemic discrimination, economic pressure, cultural oppression, forced exile, reputational ruin, international human rights violations and the like due to their Christian faith. We have seen rampant church bombings escalating into the thousands. By some estimates, the number of Christian refugees forcibly removed from their homes in Southeast Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries is now inching toward seven-digit territory. As a result, the international community is no longer denying that anti-Christian sentiment is a growing worldwide phenomenon. 

Each number we hear about represents a life with a story. Each number also represents rising degrees in the thermometer of global hostility toward people of the Christian faith, whether one’s faith be merely nominal or genuine.

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