Friday, May 22, 2015

Antoine Pearson ― Death of Opportunity; Unfree Market

Antoine Pearson, the libertarian-conservative from Memphis, Tennessee writes about the marijuana trade in urban cities.

Antoine Pearson an a Republican from Memphis, Tennessee and is currently and economics major at the University of Memphis.

He writes: "Growing  up in an urban environment, I have always been around marijuana to some extent. People live closer to each other so it’s harder to keep your private matters private. That topped by the general support of the younger black community (and dainty disapproval of the old generations) must have played a major role in the growth of the underground marijuana markets that exist in every city. From my home town of Pittsburgh, to my current place of resident in Memphis, I have seen my fair share of marijuana dealers. The market is simple, easy to navigate, and generates a lot of funds. While growing up I despised drugs, but (for personal reasons) I deplored marijuana in particular. 

I have grown up since then, I have learned that freedom is precious and leads to economic efficiency, and I have learned that marijuana is not the evil that it is often portrayed as. Today I am a strong supporter of the marijuana trade, as I am a strong supporter of any free market, not because I am a big fan of drugs, but because I believe in opportunity through pure capitalism. With so many states legalizing and regulating the marijuana trade many thought that this would be the door way of prosperity, and for some it is, but what of the inner city dealer?"

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