Saturday, May 9, 2015

Crystal Wright ― Black Thugs Can’t Be Swept Under the Political Correctness Rug

The black conservative writer and commentator holds no punches in condemning those who chose to use Freddie Gray's death as an excuse to destroy property, and loot during the Baltimore riots.

When will liberals and society at large stop making excuses for black people’s generational problem with crime?  In the final days of April, mobs of young black men looted businesses and burned down buildings in Baltimore in the name of Freddie Gray, who died mysteriously in the custody of Baltimore police.  Oozing with righteous ridiculousness, liberal commentators and politicians — one after another — justified the lawlessness.
Hill may want to grab a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word uprising, which is a revolt to bring about a positive change — not an excuse for theft and destruction.  Martin Luther King, Jr. and other blacks engaged in uprisings — not riots — during the civil rights movement.
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