Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chidike Okeem ― Rioting Is Not Worse Than Killing Blacks


After the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray at the hands of police officers, rioting and looting broke out across the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Stores were unceremoniously burned down and businesses were destroyed. The violence was to such a degree that the National Guard had to be deployed to Baltimore in an attempt to quell the chaos. Unpredictably, many mainstream conservatives, who are sympathetic to murderous police officers, are the most vocal critics of the rioters. Focusing on rioting while ignoring savage police brutality is demonstrative of sheer moral bankruptcy. 

Black lives are worth more than property. Expressing nonchalance about the death of Freddie Gray while expressing deep concern about the destruction of police cars and businesses demonstrates a colossal lack of morality. The fact of the matter is that without abusive policing, there would no riots in Baltimore. Understanding that abusive policing is the trigger cause of the rioting is important. Rioters, as immoral as they are, did not wake up in the morning and decide to burn Baltimore to the ground. Their rioting is a reaction to something serious and real. Those who trivialize the cause of the rioting are unserious about making sure that it does not happen again. 

The fundamental reason why rioting and looting is immoral is not because of the inherent value of the property being destroyed. What makes rioting profoundly immoral is because of the people who own the property. Destroying property and looting stores makes life difficult for innocent human beings.

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