Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nicola A. Menzie — Zambia: the Fate of Families and Children With No Access to Clean Water

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(Christian Post

Mira Buumba, 55, could have died. Or so it seemed when she became severely ill from a bout of diarrhea. Unable to take care of herself, much less do common household chores, Buumba's grandchildren had to skip school to help take care of her. Neither Ms. Buumba nor her family had any idea what had made her so gravely ill, further complicating the situation. They did not realize, until later, that the cause of her sickness was the very water that her family and neighbors had been using everyday to cook, clean and keep themselves hydrated.

"If you saw her photo you would be shocked," World Vision Zambia Communications Officer Collins Kaumba, serving as a guide and translator, said relating her previous condition.

But Ms. Buumba was not the only one who had fallen sick, experienced discomfort, or, in the case of one of her grandchildren, suffered a strange eye infection because of the water they were drinking.