Saturday, April 4, 2015

New Black Republican Club formed in Pinellas, Fl

The following statement was found on the new clubs web site.

A great influx of African Americans are returning home to the Republican Party. We are a diverse peoples of African, Island, Indian and Anglo mixed heritages. There is no neat little category to describe the beauty, ingenuity and wealth among us. Some of us are concerned about the failings of public schools to educate our children; some want to maintain their historical religious convictions on social issues; and still others accept the challenge to begin businesses and continue the legacy of the entrepreneurial spirit of our forefathers. We are impassioned for equal justice, equal opportunity, individual dignity, freedom and responsibility. In order to honor the individual empowerment and not succumb to enforced entitlement, we set in place this "Black Republican Club." We call for decreased taxation and smaller government so we can thrive. In civil government, as activated citizens of these United States of America, we have come again to re-connect to the Republican Party, the "anti-slavery party," the economic development party - to - dramatically change the narrative for communities of peoples represented by a spectrum of colors.