Thursday, April 23, 2015

Liz Smith ― Why Black Republicans Defend Their Politics

Liz Smith earned a Masters from Georgetown University School of Public Policy, has managed local and statewide campaigns, and considers herself an Urban Conservative blogger for Zombie Politics Radio and Turning Point USA. Liz also produces and hosts a public affairs broadcast on NPR's Baltimore affiliate radio station WEAA.

You’re crazy!” stammered a close friend clearly lacking an expansive vocabulary. Nope. I’m making excuses. He’s highly intelligent with a law degree, works in politics so he knows what’s politically correct and chose his words expertly. He believes that my decision – or any non-white voter’s decision – to join the GOP is due to insanity.

I get that reaction often. I know that I’m in the minority. Nationally, only about 5% of blacks identify as Republicans. And as the great poet Lil’ Wayne once stated: “women lie, men lie… but numbers don’t lie”. So I expect people to be surprised – there’s not a lot of us. Presently, the RNC is actively working to diversify the party and broaden our message.

But what bothers me is that only black Republicans have to defend their political affiliation. Black Democrats don’t. Nor do black Independents. Even political by-standers who never exercise their civic duty are barely questioned. So why us? Oh, because blacks have always been Democrats, right? Uh, no.