Thursday, April 23, 2015

Robert A. George ― Lin-Manuel Miranda's “Hamilton”- A Founding Father’s new beat

Robert A George is an editorial writer for the New York Post and a conservative/libertarian blogger and pundit.

(The New York Post)

How do you take a 250-year-old story from American history — centering on dead white men — and make it universally relevant today? Set it to a hip-hop music on a New York stage with a biracial cast. 

 That’s what Lin-Manuel Miranda did with his production of “Hamilton,” the groundbreaking musical now in its final month at The Public Theater and headed to Broadway in July. And it worked spectacularly. OK, I was bound to love this show. 

Alexander Hamilton, after all, was born in the West Indies island of Nevis, and grew up in St. Croix before coming to New York. A writer, he later founded the New York Post. Born out of wedlock to a young woman, his own industriousness led him to be George Washington’s right hand and the nation’s first treasury secretary.