Sunday, March 22, 2015

This chart should terrify Republicans

The next two majority-minority states, Maryland and Nevada, should arrive in the next five years. After that, there should be four more in the 2020s: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey.

(The Washington Post

I've written many times -- including in the best-selling(ish) "Gospel According to The Fix" -- that Republicans are staring a demographic disaster straight in the eye. That disaster is the party's increasing inability to win over Latino voters at the same time that Hispanics are comprising an ever-larger portion of the overall population and electorate.

A terrific new study called "States of Change" conducted by the Center for American Progress, the American Enterprise Institute and Brookings, of which I will have LOTS more to say in this space later (and that Dan Balz has written eloquently on already), contains a chart of the tipping point at which states will become majority-minority. The results are striking -- and should be terrifying for Republicans. 

Here's the chart: