Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dr. C.H.E. Sadaphal — Why Politics Fails

Why politics fails is simple: it sacrifices people for ideology. Unfortunately, people are the cogs in the diabolical machinery behind politics.

From this core ethos stems three specific reasons that politics fails, which I will get to later.
I recently watched the February 23, 2015, episode of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. (I highly recommend viewing the discussion panel in the last half of the show.) On that episode, Mr. Wilmore hosted a group of four people, including the Republican strategist and CNN political commentator, Tara Setmayer, who happens to be a black woman. Mr. Wilmore said to Ms. Setmayer, “You can handpick the next president. Okay. Here are the choices … either a racist Republican who you know will be tough on terror … or a Democrat who’s a black woman who is your best friend and your first friend in the world … [who you know] is really soft on terror.” Then he asked her, “Who do you choose?” Her earnest response was the racist Republican.
Ms. Setmayer’s logic actually follows a consistent path: she has chosen to follow an ideology that targets, demonizes, and seeks to exterminate a select group of people—terrorists. So, it makes perfect sense that in the pursuit of an anti-person ideology, she has deemed it acceptable to trample upon another select group of people. Yet in this erroneous logic, protecting Americans equates to discriminating against Americans.
She, as a woman of color, admittedly would follow an agenda that purposely labels certain races as inferior, and therefore unworthy of equal justice, treatment, and fairness. And she makes this assertion being a member of that exact racial class that would face discrimination. This means Ms. Setmayer, and everyone who thinks like her, believes that people are dispensable but ideology isn’t, which is a corrupt perversion of natural law. The pursuit of ideology at the expense of people is a formula used by the most malignant, corrupt, vile, and malicious regimes this world has ever seen, and the single-minded, blind obedience to dogma is what allowed systems such as Nazism to flourish. Once you begin to dismiss people to achieve the desired end, you have rejected everything that is America, as well as the genuine meanings of liberty and freedom.