Friday, March 20, 2015

Darrell Harrison — Why Stephen A. Smith Suggesting Blacks Vote Republican Proves We Still Have a Long Way To Go

It says a lot that it is "controversial" for a black man to suggest black people vote in a manner that goes against generational tradition.

It doesn’t speak well of the supposed progress made by black Americans when, a half-century after passage of the Voting Rights Act, it is deemed “controversial” that a black man would dare to suggest that black Americans vote Republicanduring an election cycle.
The black man of whom I speak is sports journalist and television and radio commentator Stephen A. Smith.
I will acknowledge up-front that Smith is no stranger to controversy, having made headlines previously on such topics as the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the domestic violence incident involving recently-retired NFL running backRay Rice and inferring that black voters are being taken advantage of by the Democrat Party.
In this case, however, to describe Smith’s suggestion as “controversial” is not only inaccurate but sad.