Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crystal Wright — A Personal Email Account, A Private Server and the Ruthless Ambition of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton said she put “personal convenience” over national security when she used a private email account to send official government emails while she served as Secretary of State. What Hillary wants more than anything is to be the first female President of the United States. But how can the American people trust someone to hold the highest office in the land, when she is more concerned about what’s good for her personally, and then hides from public scrutiny when it comes to what’s good for the nation? 

Following a women’s rights speech she gave, Hillary held a press conference at the United Nations where she unapologetically lectured reporters on her email controversy. She kept repeating the talking point that it was easier to use “one device” for both her personal and official emails. Never mind her spokesperson said last month Hillary abandoned her “one device” rule, and began using both an iPhone and a Blackberry. I guess as a 2016 pre-presidential candidate-in-waiting, who is no longer a Secretary of State, she doesn’t have anything to hide anymore. 

What she really meant was that by not using a government email account — which records and archives every single email — Hillary controlled what she wanted the public to see and not see.