Saturday, February 7, 2015

Michael Bowen — Against Liberal Structuralism


"Now we have lawyers who finagle behemoth jungles of legislation and statutory swamps for the supposed benefit of the masses, and the affairs of the average Joe are now fettered with a million rules, such things that a pious and industrious individual of virtuous word and deed doesn’t require, save a minimum few. Yes of course that’s how lawyers were instructed – they are only capable of becoming what their schools teach them, which are agents of some edifice of complexity, for the supposed benefit of the masses. Overwrought laws implemented by overlarge government bureaucracies for overspoiled children who cannot manage their own affairs independently, like individuals of piety and industry. So long as people will be petty and unable to resolve their differences on their own, there will always be lawyers and laws springing up to fill the vacuum of common sense and decency. Listen for the herald cry: ‘There oughta be a law’. Short of that, some re-education program and its attendant activism all with the same end in mind, Congressional approval and Presidential signature."

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