Monday, February 9, 2015

Japheth J. Omojuwa — State Control of Production and Why Most Nigerian Leaders Fail

Japheth Omojuwa is a Nigerian blogger, socio-economic and political commentator, environmental consultant, social media expert and mentor.

There is so much to do to fix this country and, naturally, anyone who becomes president believes s/he has to do everything. That is the very reason they mostly fail. It often starts with the election promises: they promise almost everything and the people genuinely believe such promises. Against the promises alone, most of them who eventually get into office end up failing. There certainly has to be a way out.

 There is so much wrong with this country and this has accumulated over many years. What a leader who really wants to make change happen must understand is that s/he cannot do it all. If you cannot do it all, what then do you do not to be seen as a failure? There are critical areas of government that drive other parts-- these are the parts that must be focused on. Once these critical areas start moving forward, the rest are naturally in line to experience the same forward movement.

 Despite their best efforts, virtually every Nigerian leader has failed to ensure the people have access to power. For the most part, they failed because they wanted government to be the source, owner and distributor of power. In a country of about 160 million people, with several years of failure to produce power and incessant corruption, it is almost impossible for the often inefficient government to produce power.

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