Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jessye Norman singing Erik Satie's "Je te veux" (French for 'I want you')

I have understood your distress,
dear lover,
and I yield to your wish:
make me your mistress.
Modesty shall be far from us,
no more [distress]1,
I long for the precious moment
when we will be happy:
I want you.

I have no regrets,
and I want only one thing:
next to you, there, so close,
to live all of my life.
Let my heart be yours
and your lips be mine,
let your body be mine,
and let all of my flesh be yours.

I have understood your distress, etc.

Yes, I see in your eyes
the divine promise
that your loving heart
comes to seek my caress.
Enlaced forever,
burned with the same flames,
in dreams of love,

we will exchange our two souls.