Monday, January 12, 2015

Japheth J, Omojuwa — Nigeria: The Grounded Giant

Japheth Omojuwa is a Libertarian Nigerian blogger, socio-economic and political commentator, environmental consultant, social media expert and mentor. Omojuwa was born in Lagos, and attended the prestigious King's College between 1995 and 2001

"If one singular reason could be given for why the Chibok Girls were successfully abducted and could not be rescued days after their abduction, the above statement by Gen Obasanjo (rtd.) sums it up. That statement did not only state the failure of the presidency and its government over the Chibok abduction issue, when broken down to its essence, that statement explains why today, no matter how many Nigerians are killed, no Nigerian, deep within him/herself expects the government to “bring the perpetrators to book.” Whether we like it or not, whether or not we admit it, we have consciously excused our government from being responsible for anything.

In our head, the government only exists to fail. In that situation, what would a vicious gang of murderers like Boko Haram do? Of course, they’d reign terror on the people and that is what they continue to do as the Nigerian government releases statement upon statement of condemnation. Lest I forget, when Abuja was bombed on the October 1st 2010, just months after Mr Jonathan took over, that bombing incident was unusual in Nigeria. As much as they would hate to admit it, Boko Haram was not the first to raise our consciousness about the evil of bombs under this administration."

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