Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Walaa Idris ― Does Ukip know or even understand the difference between political correctness and basic manners?

Walaa Idris is a conservative blogger in the UK, and a member of the Tory party. Her campaign experience extends to the U.S. where she campaigned for Dan Quayle during his U.S. Senate race. She was a member of Warwick Lightfoot’s Lightfoot for London campaign team (responsible for Media) in the 2007 Primary to select the Conservative Candidate for Mayor of London.

"Even though I am not a supporter or sympathizer of the UK Independent Party, I am quite impressed by their recent ascend in politics. Looking at their poll ratings, it appears they command the support of a good number of people across all political divide nationwide. Most of who are people tired of political correctness, tip toeing around sensitive issues and bored by the traditional way of doing politics. Of course there are some outcasts who couldn’t fit anywhere and made Ukip their home for now.

However, as someone who thinks political correctness (PC) is disingenuous and is actually suffocating many politicians and masking a lot of their greatness, I think recently Ukip showed they don’t quite understand the difference between being PC and basic decorum, and that is very concerning.

Up to the recent case of Kerry Smith, Ukip did what most political parties would do when a prominent member of their party caused offense to a group of people, and just sacked the offender."

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