Monday, December 8, 2014

Quote of the Day

Nelson Mandela, the great South African freedom fighter-cum-statesman was once an enemy of the conservative movements in both Britain and America. In fighting for the freedom of black South Africans from the immoral, oppressive system of apartheid, Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC) aligned with communists, as communists—unlike capitalist heroes like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan—were sympathetic to their cause of freedom. Right-wing simpletons incapable of engaging in the cerebral subtleties of critical thinking use this communist allegiance as a way to tarnish Mandela's legacy. These right-wingers fail to address the fact that Mandela was left with no alternatives, as capitalists were perfectly comfortable with the dehumanization of black South Africans, and they frequently used casuistic anti-communist/pro-capitalist clichés to excuse doing nothing to aid Mandela’s cause..” ― Chidike Okeem