Friday, December 12, 2014

Crystal Wright — Protestors Wrong on Ferguson: Michael Brown Will Never Be Emmett Till

Crystal Wright is a black conservative and communications consultant and editor and publisher of the blog Conservative Black Chick.

The aftermath of the St. Louis grand jury decision in ruling not to indict Officer Darren Wilson has turned into a spectacle, nothing short of a circus. Protestors across the country are disrupting businesses and travel because they are unhappy with the justice that was served in Michael Brown’s shooting death. Protestors shutting down malls from Seattle and St. Louis to Richmond, Virginia have had ZERO political impact. These endless demonstrations serve only to make them look like fools, harming workers’ ability to earn a salary.

If “Black Lives Matter” to the protestors chanting the phrase, their time Black Friday would have been better spent on Black Friday at Boys & Girls Club or YMCA, etc. teaching black kids why it’s wrong to commit crimes and confront police and why it’s good to finish school, go to college and/or job.

As the Associated Press reported, it reviewed 1000 pages of transcript from the grand jury’s deliberations, the witnesses revealed inconsistent, fabricated and provably wrong testimony. Some witnesses flat out lied about seeing Wilson shoot and kill Brown that night, admitting they changed their stories to fit news accounts—or to convict Officer Wilson simply because he is white, regardless of the facts.

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