Wednesday, December 17, 2014

First Reads

Twilight of the “liberal” elites: How Chris Hughes & co. represent a new, bankrupt liberalism

The college trap that keeps people poor

Teen marijuana use falls as more states legalize

The next frontier in workplace diversity? Brain differences

Russia appears headed for the worst economic turbulence in Putin’s 15 years in power.

Where Jay-Z meets Jeb-B: Are Hip Hop Republicans the future of U.S. Politics?

The Progressive Case Against Birthright Citizenship

65 % of Children Live in Households on Federal Aid Programs

As gas prices tumble, inflation is plunging faster than official measures can capture

What General Holtzclaw Saw MT: Gallant black soldiers

Even Prosecutors Stunned Grand Jury Didn't Indict in Garner Case: Sources via

Is it time to get rid of grand juries? Find out why England did...about 80 yrs ago.

Do Businesses Have Rights? Andy Harris, gay weddings, and businesses with consciences

Report on sexually transmitted diseases shows chlamydia cases falling, first time in 30 years:

The Progressive Case Against Birthright Citizenship

‘Mittmentum’ Part VII: Ready For Romney

Obama amnesty is unconstitutional, federal judge finds -

 Not just Rumain Brisbon: 10 recent cases where cops shot suspects over phantom guns

Jeb Bush: The Wrong Name at the Wrong Time