Monday, December 22, 2014

Crystal Wright ― Racist Sony Emails and the Hollywood Obama Calls Friend

Crystal Wright, the conservative columnist and TV commentator, takes Hollywood to task for racist e-mail exchanges that were leaked between two powerful Sony executives.

"Sony Pictures executives Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal revealed what many people already know— that liberal Hollywood is one of the most racist industries there is.The two exchanged a series of racist emails about their attendance to a fundraiser for President Barack Obama hosted by DreamWorks Animation head and big Democrat donor Jeffrey Katzenberg.
They joked Obama, being the first black president, only likes black movies like “D’Jango,” “12 Years a Slave” or “The Butler. Another Sony executive in a separate email, referred to the black actor Kevin Hart as “a whore.”
Hollywood preaches lots of tolerance and diversity, as the heavy donor arm to the Democrat Party, but doesn’t practice it. This is the same largely white and liberal-dominated industry that (now) ironically helped raise huge money to elect and re elect America’s first black president."