Saturday, December 6, 2014

Chidike Okeem - Communists, Capitalists, and Ferguson

Although communism is a distinctly immoral ideology that promotes greed, envy, and allows for the suffering of millions in the name of utopia, one thing that communists do well, particularly in recent history, is take the correct side of issues regarding the humanity of blacks. Capitalists, by contrast, have historically done this poorly—exceedingly so. Ferguson is a problem caused by abuse of government power. If communists were to have their way, the government would have significantly more power and there would unquestionably be far too many Michael Browns nationwide to count. Manifestly, larger government is not the answer for Ferguson. With that said, it is still a fact that communists demonstrating solidarity with blacks in Ferguson puts them in a position to be listened to and taken seriously in the black community, much more so than capitalists who have not demonstrated such solidarity with blacks in the region.

 Self-righteously criticizing disaffected blacks for being in allegiance with communists is pointless. Communists have accurately calculated that aligning with disenfranchised groups that demand civil rights is a good way of making people receptive to their ideology. Why should blacks on the lower end of the socioeconomic totem pole, who are not always informed about the nuances of political philosophy and economic theory, think that capitalists have an economic system that can improve their livelihoods—especially when capitalists sit back and enjoy their dehumanization? Blacks who are educated critical thinkers can differentiate between capitalists, who can be evil, and the system of capitalism, which can be used for good or bad, depending on those utilizing it.

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