Sunday, November 30, 2014

First Reads

Grand juries are secret, remote from an adversary process, and dependent on prosecutors’ guidance:  

Charles Blow - Fury After Ferguson (NYT)

Glenn Loury (Brown University) & John McWhorter (Time, Columbia University)  (Video)

Best reconstruction of what MIGHT have happened on that fateful morning:

Rand Paul on Ferguson: Criminal justice reforms part of answer via POLITICO

The claim that we’re near a millennial majority in the workforce is false.

U.S. research and development is at its lowest levels since 1956:

Rod Dreher weighs in on the controversy surrounding a grand jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson:

Ferguson highlights deep divisions between blacks and whites in America

An Off-Duty Police Officer Shot A Woman In The Head During A Road-Rage Incident

Married at 3, divorced at 7 >>>how girls in Ethiopia are reclaiming their childhoods

Russians dub protests the "Afromaidan," comparing to "Euromaidan" protests during Ukraine crisis —

Call it the Uber effect: Taxi medallion prices are falling across the country.