Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stephen L. Carter - How the DEA Ditched an Informant

Stephen L. Carter's take on how DEA mistreated its own informant.  After reading this, all one can say is WOW! A movie in the making? In the words of Miss Palin, "You betcha."

The conservative law Professor writes:

"A federal court last week unsealed an opinion detailing a particularly egregious -- some would say horrifying -- series of missteps by the Drug Enforcement Agency. This time, the scandal doesn’t involve domestic surveillance or concealing information from opposing counsel. This time, the DEA turns out to have mistreated one of its own informants.

The case is SGS-92-X003 v. United States, with the plaintiff identified only by her DEA informant number. Around the agency, however, she wasn’t called SGS-92. She was known as the Princess."

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