Thursday, October 2, 2014

John McWhorter - Sen. Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act of 196

Great Article from The New Republic 

People like Paul think that the rejection of racism as socially incorrect would have happened anyway, just later. But that’s shaky social history, presentist, as they say. A Rand Paul sees a certain inevitability in whites shedding their racism because it’s all he has ever known as a mature person, like humans supposing that evolution has been a grand series of rehearsals for us. But my, the old order had persisted for an awfully long time before it finally crumbled. The social rejection of racism was driven in large part by the head start, authority, finality, and even the drama of the legal banning of segregation.

Maybe some think that the flower children alone could have done it, or that maybe Stokely Carmichael just needed to yell even louder. I doubt it. Could the Internet have done the trick? Just maybe – but would we really have wanted black America to have to wait that long? I for one am happy, as a black person born in 1965, to have missed Jim Crow or anything like it as the result of the Civil Rights Act the year before – even if the black America I have known has paid the price of a rather tragic amount of cognitive dissonance in its wake.

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