Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anthony Rek LeCounte - Ezra Klein and The Ones Who Stay in Omelas

The black gay conservative doesn't know if Ezra Klein, (editor in-chief for is a good person or not, but he argues his recent argument for California consent law is nigh on evil.

He writes:

“Necessary” evils never looked more necessary than when they never hurt me.Zero-tolerance policies in schools have a funny way of producing the kind of terrible results that are difficult to imagine any reasonable person intended when the policies were enacted. Just recently, honors student Atiya Haynes of Detroit found her promising academic career upended when a knife given to her by her grandfather for protection in a dangerous neighborhood was accidentally left in her purse. While this situation is certainly infuriating, it should hardly be surprising. Students from poorer or ethnic minority backgrounds have a long history of affliction from well-intentioned “zero tolerance” rules purportedly designed to help and protect them, though they are by no means the only victims.

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