Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Will Philadelphia get a black Republican congressman due to a scandal? Armond James vs Chaka Fattah

"Gregory Naylor, 66, admitted that he conspired with his boss - identified in court filings only as "Elected Official A" - to pay off a series of debts, including an unreported $1 million campaign donation, with grant funds and political contributions funneled through a series of nonprofits and consulting firms."

Armond James is the Republican Congressional Candidate for US Congress in Pennsylvania's 2nd District.

National media is beginning to realize the potential for this race in the Pennsylvania 2nd Congressional District. Congressman Fattah's former Chief of Staff and close aide has pled guilty to misappropriation of funds. The plea directly implicates the Congressman. Armond James, the Republican challenger faces tough odds despite the glaringly obvious corruption of his opponent.

Below are a couple of news reports from Philadelphia along with Mr. James website, Facebook and most recent YouTube posts.

 After Labor Day, this could potentially be the most important election opportunity for Republicans in general and Black Republicans specifically.

It deserves national attention.

News Reports:

Armond James: