Saturday, August 9, 2014

Robert George - How Foursquare Cured My Addiction To...Foursquare

Robert A George, an editorial writer for the New York Post and a conservative blogger writes about the recent changes at Foursquare. 

The beginning of the end came upon me somewhat subtly. In a spring announcement to which I paid little attention at the time, Foursquare declared that it was splitting itself in two. There would be Foursquare and a new even-more-social app called Swarm. I initially didn't care. Swarm didn't interest me. Yet, Foursquare kept bugging me to download Swarm, enticing me with notes like, "John C. wants to get together with you on Swarm." So, I finally did, figuring, what the hell, I'll have Swarm, even as I continue to use Foursquare Classic. I then noticed that when I tried to check in on Foursquare, the app would force me onto Swarm. Silly me, I initially thought that was a bug, only to realize that it was actually a feature!

I then, of course, Googled what was going on and was brought up to speed on the whole splitting-in-two thing. I learned that even Foursquare execs initially were "split" on whether this was a good idea. Some called it, "crazy." Hmmm...maybe they should have stuck with that first thought?

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