Friday, August 1, 2014

Quote of the Day

"I believe that the changes in the 1960s came "so quickly" (in terms of legislation, one after another) that our parents' generation didn't map out what it would look like to live free and be competitive. Thus at a time where we had -- and have -- the most power over our lives, we ceded control to government programs. It's had a deleterious effect ever since, and "leaders" aren't talking about the widening gap within Black America. Education is the #2 most important item on black folks' plate, after decreasing illegitimacy which is the key root cause of most of our negative stats. We must stamp out this "education is white" nonsense! If ex-slaves didn't believe it, why do folks today? Black kids watch too much TV, and must study more. More black parents must put the foot down regarding their kids' study habits, as parental involvement is the #1 determinant of how well a child does in school. School vouchers would inject competition into the educational system, enable parents to choose schools that reflect their values and educational wishes for their children, and reduce the number of kids trapped in crappy schools where bad-ass apples disrupt everybody else's learning. Teachers' salaries should be based on merit, not seniority. This dream can become reality if we work to make it happen! — Shay Riley, editor of Booker Rising