Saturday, August 9, 2014

Michael David Cobb Bowen - Tell Me Less

The conservative blogger recalls his appearances on the recently canceled radio show. NPR announced on May 20, 2014 that it would be canceling Tell Me More and laying off 28 people as part of a larger effort to eliminate NPR's budget deficit.

"I was one of the original dudes in Michel Martin's Barbershop. It was great. After about a year, I left for a variety of reasons I may or may not get into - nothing controversial mind you, but recent events, namely the closing of that shop puts me in a mood to talk about it. According to the comments over here, NPR lost money on the show.

 Around 2007 I was in what I considered to be a very typical place, underemployed and over talented. I kinda wanted to be rich but not so much that I'd take a big risk. At the top of my career, I had time and energy to burn as a consultant. Since I had always put as much time into writing and reading as other folks presumeably put into their other hobbies, I had lots of ideas and opinions. I put some of that energy to work as a blogger and was rewarded in that universe by thousands of comments and an actual award. So, at the recommendation of my friend Jimi Izrael, I became one of the chairs in the Barbershop. I loved it."

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