Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ron Christie - Hey, Eric Holder: Voter ID Isn't Stuck in 1965

The AG and his allies have claimed that voter ID laws suppress black votes. But finally, a North Carolina judge speaks the truth.

 The middle of August is supposed to usher in the dog days of summer. But not this year: the Middle East is ablaze in conflict, the Russians are busy destabilizing Ukraine. But all the news isn’t global: In North Carolina, the Obama Justice Department just suffered an embarrassing defeat in Federal District Court last Friday in its attempt to block that state from implementing a voter ID requirement for the 2016 election.

 It’s a case that should have Americans wondering about the competence and integrity of their government officials under this administration. Given the media’s propensity for ignoring stories that cast President Obama in a negative light, I suspect most Americans have no idea that a federal court sharply rebuked the administration’s contention that voter ID laws and curbs to same-day registration amount to voter suppression or overt discrimination against blacks.

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