Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Republican Party Can Come Together .

A three-step process to build Republican unity so we can win and legislate a realistic agenda

Unity is not a word you’ll hear often in reference to the Republican party today. 

It’s either the words “Tea Party” or “GOP”. We have a three party system in today’s political scene. Why? Aren’t we trying to accomplish the same goal? Don’t we all want to retain the core values and ideals the liberals/progressives are trying to destroy, and preserve what made this country great for over two hundred years? We as conservatives cannot take down our “enemies” and protect what we value if we see each other as a threat and attack one another.

 In the past, I’ve said our government has become a three-ring circus, where Congress is the ringmaster, but I need to revise this statement, just a tad. We are STILL a three-ringed circus, but Congress is not the ringmaster. I was naive. The ringmaster is the man behind the curtain, the President of the United States, Barack Obama. And the only way to replace him with the proper ringmaster, “We the People,” is to unify the Republican Party.

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