Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Democrat Party – A History of Racial Injustice


In The Democrat Party – A History of Racial Injustice , Dr. Larry O. Simmons, a writer for the moderate conservative blog "", has composed an eye-opening article chronicling some of the lesser-known history of the Democrat Party.

Most interesting is Simmon's depiction of how the Democratic Party historically used immigration against black Americans: 

"The democrat party as a political strategy of institutionalized “Negro” discrimination implemented that policy by importing massive numbers of poor, ignorant European immigrants to serve as the cement locking us in a position of being continuously at a disadvantage. Wave after wave of incoming European peasants forced those early generations of black Americans off the lower rung of the economic ladder that kept us from making a smooth and easy transition from slave to free during this critical period of American history. It was the democrat party policy of “Negro” discrimination employing by the tactic of importing millions and millions of immigrants to block the freed slave’s social and economic progress, that created our persistent socio-political-economic problems that the democrat party of today politically exploits in urban America that was and is still controlled by the democrat party.

In 1863 there were 20 million whites in the country and 5 million blacks; 1 million free and 4 million slaves. Democrats looked at the population percentages and seeing the white majority took the position of what that party viewed was the position of the majority on issues of race, not issues of the Republic. Racist democrats focused on getting the “democratic” majority instead of focusing on what was best for the Republic.

Remember, the American population was 25 million in 1865. Right after the civil war the Republican party suggested European immigration should be halted or slowed until the 4 million freed slaves were educated and held a firm grasp of the lower rung of the socio-economic ladder. Republicans took this position to reduce competition for entry level jobs between the ex-slave and the European immigrant."

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