Saturday, July 12, 2014

Michael David Cobb Bowen: Reparations Are For Negroes

Michael David Cobb Bowen, a self-described  "Straussian geopolitical neoconservative" weighs in on the debate over reparations.

"The Negro is the person who needs to express himself in terms of his previous condition of servitude in his approach to life in America. The Negro is trapped in dual consciousness because he is isolated in the world and completely dependent in his self-image to white Americans and his interpretation of America's culture and its place for him. Black consciousness was invented to cure this condition. A Negro would *never* think of moving to Costa Rica and being done with it.

The Negro needs and desires some exceptional accommodation from the white American, something he might get from some white Americans and something he will never get from others. And so the problem persists - how do you exist in a society that you are convinced cannot stand your very presence, or as someone preciently said back when I was a child 'How does it feel to be a problem?'. Thus constrained, the Negro can never be truly whole until he escapes those mental shackles - which is something he can only give to himself. Of course, being a Negro, he can't realize that until he gets a boot to the head."

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