Saturday, July 12, 2014

Keli Goff - The Secret War On Black Republicans

In an article for The Daily Beast, Keli Goff, a liberal columnist ask's the question:“Why are racist attacks on black Republicans so underreported by the media?" 

She writes: "There has been much written about the racial rhetoric that has permeated political discourse since President Obama took office, and the media often highlights the racially inflammatory language used by some of his opponents. But racially charged language targeting black Republicans rarely receives much coverage, further fueling conservative suspicion of the mainstream media."

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My Reply: It's not really a "secret".  If anything, the media is brazen and prideful when it comes to underreporting attacks on minorties who adhere to a “conservative” worldview.  It is both intentional and reflective of the leftist ideological leanings of many American journalist.