Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kali Pinckney - Is It Amnesty, Or Is It Anarchy??

"The thing about lawlessness, is that it is contagious. Employees do not follow the rules of a Supervisor who does not follow the rules. Criminals will commit more crimes in an environment where other criminals are committing crimes. If one would-be Illegal Alien learns that other Illegal Aliens have made it into the United States and are benefiting, they are more inclined to attempt it themselves" asserts the Libertarian blogger.

He continues: 

"I’m all in favor of making immigration NATURALIZATION a more simple, predictable, process in which those who follow laws can come to the United States if they choose to do so. But what I am not willing to do, is patently approve of, surrender, or be forced to cede to, a lawless system that benefits those who are willing to break the law as undocumented immigrants ILLEGAL ALIENS."

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