Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Glo Smith Responds to "Progressive Racist" Attack on Her Campaign

Glo Smith is a Republican running for congress in Florida's 5th district. Recently her campaign signs were stolen while other signs were defaced. One sign in particular shows the candidates face spray-painted white to indicate that she “wasn't really Black.”

The conservative Republican responds to these recent attacks:

"Please know that I do not know who did this, nor am I concerned with pointing fingers. It is important that we forgive and move on regardless of the person's reason for doing this. My desire was to bring awareness, and hopeful make one think before doing something like this again.

 We are overwhelmed by your comments and concerns. Thousands of people have viewed the post, sent text messages, emails and called me. Thank you for all of the kinds words and prayers. Please know that we are focusing on the campaign, and we will continue working hard to earn the constituent's vote and your support. I'm reminded of Gen. 50:20 ...what was meant for evil, God will use for a good purpose."

 You can volunteer, donate, request a sign, etc., and find out more about the campaign at GloForCongress.com