Saturday, July 19, 2014

Can Rand Bring Blacks Back to the GOP?

Fifty years after Goldwater, the Kentucky Senator is trying to repair the GOP's image with African-American voters. Fifty years ago this week, a divided and feverish Republican Party nominated Barry Goldwater to lead them to victory.

 Instead, he led them to a smashing defeat. There are many reasons for that catastrophe, and some on the right enjoyed a hearty last laugh when Lyndon Johnson abandoned the White House. But ridding themselves of Johnson did not mean that Republicans got back the black vote. Black Americans deserted the Goldwater GOP en masse, and they never came back—not even in the party’s ultra-dominant Reagan years. To be sure, the Reaganaut Jack Kemp made African Americans a powerful pitch. But Kemp belongs to a different time, and that time has now been long in passing.

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Interesting note from Rare:  A Bluegrass Poll also revealed that Paul’s ongoing minority outreach efforts might be working with African-Americans in his home state. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports that “29 percent of the African Americans surveyed said they would back the tea-party senator.”

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