Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What Eric Cantor could have learned from House of Cards

 Eric Cantor could have learned a lot from House of Cards & Beyonce on how to stay in power.

Anthony Rek, a conservative writer, offers his take on Eric Cantor's recent defeat :

 ''There is an episode in the first season of the American House of Cards (I will try to elide significant spoilers) where the show’s antihero, Democratic Congressman Frank Underwood of South Carolina, is burdened in the middle of crucial legislative negotiations—on an education bill that will boost his cache in the Democratic White House—with the oddest of interruptions.

A teenager in his district has died in a way that (notwithstanding her own irresponsibility—don’t text and drive, folks) implicates certain decisions made by the local leadership—and supported by Rep. Underwood. A certain ornery (and classless) perennial rival of Frank’s is gunning to use the incident to stir up the kind of grassroots passion that could accomplish the rare feat of unseating a member of the House Majority leadership. When informed about the situation by his loyal aide, Doug Stamper, this key exchange occurs:''

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