Friday, June 27, 2014

Obama's College Scorecard is a Giant Student Welfare Scheme

The Obama administration's new “College Scorecard” is nothing more than a welfare scheme designed to "shake down" taxpayers—so says Shikha Dalmia, a columnist for Reason magazine.

She writes:

"University presidents are deeply disturbed that not only is President Obama not backing off from his proposal to create a federal scorecard to rate colleges, but one of his deputies actually said that this was no more difficult than "rating a blender." Educating young minds is a such a lofty thing, you know, that comparing it to selling kitchen appliances isn't just vulgar — it’s blasphemous.

 But, I note, in my Washington Examiner column this morning, the tears of university presidents are the only good thing that’ll come out of the proposed scorecard. So enjoy them while you can. Because once they’ve dried their eyes, they’ll start seeing all kinds of opportunities for shaking down taxpayers."

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