Monday, June 9, 2014

Black Journalists vs. The Republican Party

In "Are Republicans serious about courting Blacks?", Raynard Jackson, a Republican strategist, offers some rather intriguing insights into the niche world of African-American media outlets and their oft-frustrating relationships with the Republican Party.

He writes:

 "The biggest complaints I get from Black journalists when it comes to Republican officeholders and Party leaders is that they can’t get their calls returned. I used to think this was because of the reporters’ race or that some represented small, Black media outlets.

Over the years, I have spent many hours reflecting on this dilemma and have concluded two things. First, the problem has nothing to do with race or racism; it has more to do with the lack of relationships with Black journalists. People return calls of people they know or have a relationship with first; then and only then will they return calls of those they don’t know."

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