Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kali Pinckney - Obamacare=Prohibition & Prohibition=Obamacare

         prohibition peopleA long, long time ago in America, some silly, but well-intentioned people decided that they wanted to force EVERYONE in America to stop drinking alcohol.  They made a big stink and they used politicians, and they manipulated the public into believing that alcohol was the root of all evil.  ‘That if not for “Fire Water” (I love that term), there would be no murders, spousal abuse, ‘nudy bars, or drunken horseback riding… Some towns even went so far as to  sell their jailhouses as the country went dry because they didn’t think they’d need them anymore.  Basically, those silly people thought that banning alcohol would be the end of crime.  Were they right?  Nope!  Not At All! 

They failed to understand what everyone who thinks they can control other fails to understand. 

That Human Nature WILL apply and humans WILL rebel for the sake of rebellion in order to get free.

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