Friday, March 28, 2014

Remembering Black Conservative Gregory Kane

Gregory Phillip Kane was an American journalist and political and social commentator

Gregory P. Kane, a former Baltimore Sun columnist known for his perceptive observations, died of cancer Tuesday at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was 62.

"He challenged a lot of traditional political thought in the African-American community," said Anthony McCarthy, a talk-show host at radio station WEEA-FM. "When I'd have him as a guest on my show, he'd say to me, 'I'm your token conservative.' "

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After 1964, after Johnson declared his “War on Poverty,” liberals did to poor folks, especially poor black folks, the worst thing they could have done to us. They made us victims. As victims, we weren’t expected, indeed not encouraged, to act responsibly. We could do no wrong, and woe betide the person who said anything bad about us.” ― Gregory P. Kane

Among liberals and Democrats, there is this notion that the poor especially the black poor can do no wrong. If you criticize any poor and black person who displays inappropriate, boorish or egregiously bad conduct, you'll be dismissed as a racist if you're not black.
And as an Uncle Tom or sellout if you are.” ― Gregory P. Kane