Friday, March 28, 2014

Does 'Ebony' Magazine Condone Bigotry? - The Daily Beast

Ronald I. "Ron" Christie  is an American government relations expert and Republican political strategist, who has also worked as a member of former Vice President Dick Cheney's staff.  He serves as an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University and Haverford College.

A senior editor tweeted at an African-American, calling him a “White dude” that shouldn’t tell her “how to do this Black thing” because he’s conservative.

Another day, another disgusting display of racism—once again at the hands of a supposed enlightened black person attacking a black conservative for his political beliefs. Apparently in the era of “Hope and Change” one cannot be authentically black unless they are a progressive Democrat blindly cheering on the agenda of “The One” without pause for reflection on how the immediate and long-term policies of President Obama could harm, rather than help the lives of the Americans he was elected to serve.

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