Thursday, March 13, 2014

Black Conservati​ve Adam Afriyie | Britain's First Black Prime Minister in 2015?

Hope you’re well. I thought I’d bring this British political development to your attention:

THE DARK HORSE RISES | The potential nomination of Adam Afriyie to lead the British Conservative Party in the event of a no-confidence vote in David Cameron’s leadership (arising from whatever electoral disaster awaits the Tories in the upcoming local and European elections this May) could have manifold implications. For one thing, the selection of a black man to lead a western political party of the ideological Right would refute one of the main canards oft peddled about western conservatives, to wit, that their credo amounts to little more than thinly-disguised xenophobia and racial chauvinism. Mr Afriyie’s ascent would overturn one of the most cherished shibboleths of the Left and could spark a planet-wide conservative renaissance – a political development that could provide a template for the manner in which the American Republican Party can reinvent itself ahead of the next US elections. And having been frequently dubbed a ‘British Obama’ the world could soon be speaking of an ‘American Afriyie’ who might lead the GOP to victory over the Democrats in 2016. Mr Afriyie stands poised to become one of the most transformational figures in recent political history simply by emerging as the leader of the Tory Party this summer and this is one space that bears close watching in the weeks ahead:

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Paul B.