Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Alton Drew -- The Black Community. And Therein Lies the Problem

Alton Drew, a black libertarian attorney, ask, What would statists, especially progressives, do if black Americans did not view themselves as a community?


What if there were no black leadership that kept the black political mindset corralled continuously through each election cycle?  What we might end up with is a black electorate that is increasingly chaotic and disruptive, inviting a less involved state and changing the definition of economic opportunity.  We would probably also end up with an electorate showing an increased proclivity for seeking out alternatives to the Democratic and Republican parties.

Community has a nice sound to it.  The word engenders cohesiveness, security, familiarity.  It also sends a signal that there is a rich, political target rich environment for the taking especially for a political candidate that includes the word “change” in their mantra.
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