Monday, August 5, 2013

Immigration Reform & African Americans

Chris Hayes of MSNBC's "All In" stated the following: "There is some wage depression on the low end of the labor scale by the kind of immigration we have.... When we're talking about human dignity, we're talking about people literally being torn apart; we're talking about a level of violence to one's integrity as a person and one's family that I don't believe there is an interest on the other side." When Kevin Williamson of the National Review replied: "You send people to jail you tear up families too" Hayes retorted, with an awkward laugh "...well, that's a whole other story." It is not a different story. It is a story that is very much linked.

People, Liberals in particular, continue to espouse a rhetoric of humanity that denies humanity to the poor and to African Americans, in particular. Our plight is rendered invisible and not worthy of discussion in this debate. Most supporters look at data that affirm their own beliefs and positions rather than look at what's really happening. I'm not saying deport them all; what I'm saying is less be HONEST about what's happening.